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5 Adventurous jobs for women

Employment of women has now been a widely accepted phenomenon in present Indian Society. Education is helping more women get jobs into their industry of choice. In today’s world, many employed unmarried women give part of their salaries to the daily needs of the family and use the rest for themselves. But apart from the main corporate jobs that women work, there are some jobs that are quite adventurous and don’t really require sitting at a desk the whole day. Those are as follows.

Tour Guides

Women can take up this job where the main purpose is to educate tourists with specifics on places and other architectural sites. This is a great job as women will get to explore different countries domestically or international. This gives them the advantage of experiencing different places.

Food Critic/Food Blogger

This is another interesting job that is in popular demand these days. If the woman is good in her writing skills about food and the pictures are captivating then this job will be suitable for them. Everyone loves food and to be able to write about it along with pictures that make your mouth water is another skill all together! For example: A company that talks about food might send the person to various restaurants and write about them thus increasing brand awareness.

Freelance Writer/Photographer

Freelancing content writers is another job that is in demand from an agency standpoint. Writing is a form of art with words. Having experience and skills in writing can take them forward. The great part about freelance writing is that they can write on any field. Be it finance, pest control, food, art, etc. If the person is a great photographer then even the better.

Sports Trainer

The benefits of being a sports trainer is that they can train multiple people from different areas of sports at different locations on a contract basis. That is the interesting part of this job. Training athletes pays even more. They are responsible for improving productivity and specific exercises to cater to different requirements.


Detective jobs are interesting in their own way. One can take up a degree in criminal justice and law enforcement to become a private investigator. This job is for women who love to take up challenges and go places. It is risky but there is no job that is not easy.

These are some jobs that will definitely interest women which will help them earn big and also keep them on their toes.



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