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5 Fruits to Beat the Heat

Summer season brings sweltering heat but it also brings delicious fruits. Yes, it’s the season of delicious mangoes, lychees and many more. Let’s see how these summer fruits help you beat the heat.

1. Mangoes
This delicious King of Fruits is the star during the summer season in India. Along with Vitamin A and C mango is power-packed with iron selenium and pectin. A glass of refreshing Aam Panna with raw mangoes, cumin powder, sugar and rock salt is the ultimate remedy for heat stroke.

2. Watermelons
Undoubtedly, the best fruit to eat in summer as it is high in water content which keeps you hydrated. But there another interesting fact is that watermelons helps in protecting your skin from sun damage!

3. Pineapple
Pineapple is the most versatile fruit and can be used for cooking or to serve raw with desserts. Along with its anti-inflammatory properties they are great digestives of proteins and fats which keep you feeling light during summer!

4. Lychee
Lychees are amongst the sweetest fruits available in the summers and are rich in proteins, vitamins, citric acid, pectin and iron. Lychee is frequently used in desserts, juices, ice creams and is a refreshing summer fruit.

5. Tender Coconut
Last but not the least, tender coconut rejuvenates and hydrates you as it contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Take a sip from heaven and quench your summer thirst with a tender coconut!

If we’ve missed out on any fruits that have benefits during the summer season, tell us in your comments below!

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