5 tips to take care of oily skin

Even while our minds and body are fresh, our face takes it all away with oiliness. Additional, oily skin can also be prone to acne, pimples, blackheads and spots. Oily skin needs extra care. Here are few oily skin care tips you can do to prevent your skin from the above problems:

Wash your face regularly:
It is important to keep your face clean. As soon as you come back home from outside, the first thing you should do is to wash your face with lukewarm water. It helps in washing away the dirt and impurities that have deposited on the skin and unclog the skin pores. In Maharashtra and the adjoining Marathi and Konkan speaking regions the atmosphere is humid and washing the face should be an essential habit.

Cleaning your face every day with a gentle cleanser will always keep your face clean from pollution and dust. Don’t overdo the cleaning as it can over dry skin and trigger oil production from the sebaceous glands.

Hydrate yourself:
Hydrating your face can freshen up the cells and remove the excess oil from your body. One of the most popular methods of hydrating is by making a clay mask from to time. For daily hydration, you can also use a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid rather than ceramides, which can lock in bacteria and lead to pimples.

Homemade face masks:
Applying effective masks on a weekly basis can bring a change in the face. To avoid side effects, you can start off with some home-made face packs for your face. Those face packs or masks containing Kaolin and Bentonite clay, Sandalwood, Fuller’s Earth (Multani mitti) are very good for oily skin as these gently absorb excess oil.

Scrubbing eliminates dirt that is caused due to pollution outside along with the dead skin cells and renews your skin’s surface. Also, scrubbing once or twice a week can include exfoliation in your skin care routine. Again, be gentle and do not scrub your skin in a harsh manner.

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