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How to find the right job?

It’s not uncommon that people feel that they are not in the right job or are not enjoying what they do. If you’re facing the same situation then follow these steps to find the right job for you.

Careers out of Hobbies
Do you love painting, photography or cooking and can’t get fed-up of it? Then right there lies your career path. Find a career in doing something that you are passionate about. Sure it’s going to be a struggle in the beginning but once you’re achieved it, you won’t regret it.

Aptitude Test
An aptitude test or a career assessment test helps you understand where your interests lie and brings out the skills that you are good at. Based on the result you can narrow down to what you would enjoy doing the most.

Yes, internships won’t pay your bills or maybe even unpaid but it’s the best way to test out a different industry and career. Internships has many benefits like learning new skills, building your network and may also turn into a full-time job.

Make a Plan
If you’ve figured out which industry you would be happy to have a career in the next step is to plan out how you will go about getting the job of your dreams. Start out with finding internships, contacting your peers in the same industry, marking out milestones as to what leads to the position you are looking for.

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