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Hobbies during the Weekend

Hobbies are everyone’s fun thing to engage in. Either you can come from work and get into it or do it during the weekends. It’s considered a big stress reliever. Hobbies also help one to think creatively. It’s important to make time for hobbies and interests. It’s easy to work all day, come home and plant yourself in front of the TV. But nurturing your interests and even making goals might be rewarding as you can make money out of it.

Here are some hobbies you can take up during the weekends.

Glass painting

It is a famous hobby gradually picking up in Mumbai with many young people and senior citizens adopting it. It is the art of applying paint to a piece of glass. This art form has been around for many years and has been used in many sacred paintings throughout the Middle ages.

Learning Instruments

As the the Chinese philosopher Confucius said long ago that “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without’’. Playing a musical instrument not only improves memory but boosts your reading, and comprehension skills. Children exposed to music training will find this very beneficial.


Gardening is a fantastic activity to carry out. It not only is interesting among adults but also allows children to get comfortable with soil while learning that food comes from the earth and not a drive-through. Gardening also helps in endurance, flexibility and strength. Gardening also burns calories and keeps one fit. Gardening if done seriously can also save money as you will be saving on veggies.

Paper quelling

Paper Quelling is a hobby for all ages young and old. It has seen a rapid rise around the globe. It’s easy to learn and some can even make a business out of it. There is also beauty in paper quilling as one can make earrings, wall portraits and even bracelets. The materials needed need for paper quelling are quite cheap and accessible. One can even make festival decorations out of paper. This can be done with new paper as well as waste. Paper quelling can also make as a good toy to make children think out of the box. One can easily take this up during the weekend.

Cross stitch

Over time cross stitch hasn’t really got the recognition it deserves. It is quite fun, relaxing and a bit of a secret talent to have. Cross stitch is very artistic and is a perfect hobby to have. Its easy and all you need is cloth, needle and different coloured threads. One can try making a portrait of Ganesh, or a scenery or anything that inspires you. It is an inexpensive hobby and can also be carried out by all walks of life.

Hobbies need to be a part of everyone. It can be cycling, reading, writing etc. Despite what they are, it’s important that you love doing it.

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