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Job or small businesses?

Women have longed to have a job in India. To support the family, to earn a bit of money for household expenses. In some places, they’re encouraged to take up a job but sadly in some they aren’t. Ever since ancient times the status of women in India has always been questioned. Are they equal to men? Or not? But this mindset is slowly changing as India develops due to education.
Here are a list of Jobs and small businesses a woman can take up which offer their own set of benefits.

Women can take up either a full-time job, part time job or work from home depending on their preferences.
If a woman has a child and in-laws present she can easily take up a full-time job. Even if in-laws aren’t present you can send the child to a babysitter. A part time job however is more preferred as she can work for a few hours and then take care of her kids or other members in the family. It makes sense as this option can earn a bit of side money.

Another option working in today’s world is the Work from Home. Work from home is where you work remotely but your organisation is located somewhere else. Many prefer this option as you can work within the confinements of your home. This is not recommended in case you have elders to take care of or children as it becomes difficult to manage both.

Small businesses
Women who are housewives can easily start a small business. Here are a few options one can consider.

One can give classes on cooking as this not only helps students but improves skills. This is a great option as one can benefit from cooking especially in case of international students travelling to study.

Paintings is another way a housewife can pass the time. Great works of art can be sold in malls, to people, or sold to shop owners. This way it becomes small side business.

Sewing Craft work
This is another great option as this is in demand. One example is where women can start with small napkins and then work to creating a dining table cover. There are many varieties of designs one can make.

Tuitions have long been a favourite among housewives. If you love teaching children. Then this job is for you. You can start from lower grades to higher grades.

These are a few ways a woman can earn and contribute to the family in a household.

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