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Exercises You Can Do Effortlessly

Exercising is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. The longer and harder you exercise the greater the health benefits and the reduction in health related diseases. However, there shorter workouts as well which are easy to do and you can accommodate them in a busy lifestyle. Exercises can help you feel good as it produces endorphin chemicals that help a person feel more peaceful and happy.

It helps improve your stamina by training your body to become more efficient and use the less energy for the same amount of work. It’s important to include fitness in day to day life as it helps maintain good health and slowing down the aging process. Here are a few effortless exercises to get you going!

Push up

A great move to tone up the stomach and legs improving shoulder strength.

Steam Engines

This exercise is to increase the heart rate, raise the knee to touch each alternative elbow and continue repeatedly.

Jumping jacks

Jump flapping your arms and legs which should be in sync with your jump. A great way for increasing the heart rate and burning calories.


Push your feet behind you doing a push up following a jump into the air. This makes the shoulders stronger.


Position your arms under your shoulders and rise up on your hands and feet firmly balanced keeping your back straight. This is great for a flat stomach.

A few fitness tips to keep in mind while doing these exercises is exhale after each repetition, never skip meals and ensure that you get enough of sleep.

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