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Purchasing a Laptop? Look out for these things

All set to buy yourself a swanky new laptop? But wait right there! Don’t get tempted by the advertisements, do a little research before buying the kind of laptop which will be useful to you.

Here are some tips:-

Check Specifications

Always check the specifications of the laptop you are going to buy. Specifications are nothing but features which may seem technical but are important to know. Some important ones are:-

1) RAM
A laptop with a higher RAM (Random Access Memory) will make it easier for you to store more data and your machine will work smoother.

2) Screen size
The bigger the screen the lesser strain on eyes but yes it does make the laptop price go higher. Get a screen size according to your usage and mobility.

3) Battery
Always check that the battery of your laptop has a long life and does not require constant charging especially if you are going to use your laptop while commuting.

4) Operating System
Choose the operating system that you are comfortable working on for example, someone might be comfortable using Windows instead of Mac OS.


This applies to all gadgets but in laptops you can choose the kind of warranty you are comfortable with. You can go for a warranty that covers the software issues or you can choose that covers physical damage.

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