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Safety Tips for Diwali

Diwali is a festival full of lights, happiness and fun. Regardless of age, anyone from six-year old to sixty-year old can enjoy crackers and having their favourite sweets on a Diwali day. However, ensuring Diwali is played safely is a must. Here are a few tips for having a safe Diwali

  1. Clothes –

Bursting firecrackers is something children and adults enjoy. It is recommended that one should always wear cotton clothes instead of any synthetic material as that will catch fire easily and we don’t want that to happen! Stay far away when bursting crackers to avoid getting injured.

  1. Have a fire extinguisher on standby

Having a fire extinguisher nearby can be a saving grace. Especially if you are bursting crackers in a society. Even a bucket of water or sand will do in case of emergency.

  1. First Aid Kit

Safety 101 is to have a first aid kit around. You never know when it might come handy, especially when children get minor burns or injuries.

  1. Briefing Children

Before taking children out to burst crackers, it is important for you to educate them about the appropriate ways to burst crackers. You can also supervise them while they are having a fun time.

  1. Light one fire cracker at a time

One shouldn’t light all firecrackers at one time. Use one fire cracker at a time as bursting all at one time might lead to injuries. Also, one should wear shoes will bursting crackers.

Adopting the above safety tips can safeguard your children against getting injured. If possible also consider having a silent Diwali by lighting fuljadis and not bursting crackers as it is an inconvenience and many people don’t like it. Have a safe and happy Diwali!

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