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Sweety Pate, Science

The award for the Science category was bestowed upon Sweety Pate. Twenty one-year-old Sweety Pate has pursued Aerospace engineering at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai and works at German Aerospace Center, Germany. After securing the third position for their eco-friendly aircraft design at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Green Aviation Competition 2010-11, the SRM team led by Pate bagged the second position in the foreign division at the NASA Green Aviation Competition 2011-2012. Sweety Pate was invited to present her research paper at NASA Langley Aerodynamic Research Centre, Hampton, Virginia, U.S.

In an age when the carbon footprint of frequent fliers has become a global concern, Pate and her team have ranked third in the foreign universities category of an international design competition organised by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Their challenge was to design an environment friendly aircraft. As part of its environmentally Responsible Aviation project, NASA had invited students to propose ideas and designs for aircraft of the future that use less fuel, produce less harmful emissions and make less noise.

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