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Travel Safety tips for Women

Travelling can be fun. Travelling lets you explore different places. Experience new cultures and meet new people. But with travel also comes safety. Safety is paramount when it comes to women travellers. No matter where you are. Being safe always counts! Here are a few ways you can keep yourselves safe.

• Cover yourself with a scarf
It’s always a good idea to have a scarf around you in case some eyes fall upon you. This keeps lookers at bay.

• Always tell someone where you are going
It’s good to keep a friend or a loved one in the loop when travelling. Keep them informed just in case something does happen. This way they know where you are at all times.

• Don’t keep all your money in one place
Keep a spare pouch of money in your pocket in case your bag does get robbed.

• Talk to lots of people
If you’re out and on a tour, or walking around, talk to people and get a sense for what’s happening. Plus making friends is the best way to see cool things you wouldn’t find on your own.

• Pepper Spray
This is hard to get but is useful in most situations. Use this if you feel confronted or threatened. It’s very effective! Aim at the eyes.

• Numbers on Speed Dial
Keep people you know who will pick up on speed dial. This helps in case of emergencies. Try and keep more than 3 people on speed dial to remain on the safe side.

• Lock your handbag or suitcase
This is important as you will not know when you’re being robbed. Always lock your handbag or zip it up to avoid hands dropping in.

• Taxi/Rickshaw number plate
Both for safety and in case you leave something in it: Having the license number makes it much easier to track down.

• Download a safety app
Apps are a saving grace these days. Use it and stay safe. Some notable apps are mindicator, bsafe & VithU. Mindicator has a brilliant SOS feature.

• Keep talking to someone on the phone
This is the oldest trick in the book. Keep yourself engaged with someone over the phone because there’s no chance of anything happening.

• Small tools you can use
Have these to defend yourself if the situation gets worse. Black pins are very effective when it comes to defending yourself. Another small tool you can use is a swiss knife. It comes very handy if someone confronts you in worst case scenarios.

• Basic Self Defence videos
It’s always good to take some lessons on basic self-defence when its needed.

Follow these pointers and you’ll be safe wherever you travel. Always remember, ‘It’s better to be safe, then to be sorry’

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