How to keep children safe on the Internet?

The internet although a place of knowledge and entertainment can be a bad place for kids who wander off into it. In the midst of searching for cartoons about dogs or other forms of animals they might end up getting search results which include pictures of women. Basically, porn which you wouldn’t want your kid to see. Other than that, there are many form of information that your kid might end up reading. In search of games, one might play subway surfer or Blue whale.

A very good example of games is the blue whale where recently a boy lost balance from a terrace while taking a selfie challenge for a game called Blue Whale. These are the kind of games that take lives. You as a parent should keep a check of what your kid watches and plays on the internet. And awareness of this is important to prevent future mishaps.

To keep a control of what’s best for your child online, here are a few suggestions.

1. Step in
Parents should get involved with what your child does on the internet. Set a time limit to what your child watches. Keep a track of where and which site they are visiting to stay on the safe side. Checking frequently will avoid them going to unwanted sites or even stumbling upon them.

2. Teach them the basics
In addition to checking what your child goes through, it’s important to educate your child on what information they are not supposed to give out except if it is a trusted site like Facebook or Twitter and others.

Make sure they:
– Never to give their name, phone number, e-mail address, password, postal address, school, or picture without your permission
– Don’t open e-mails from people they don’t know
– Don’t respond to unwanted messages
– Don’t get together with anyone they “meet” online or even if they ask to meet.

3. Setup a monitoring system
Set up a different monitor or a system by which you can track your child’s surfing locations. This way you can frequently keep check without being physically there.

4. Install Antivirus which has Parental control
Install well known internet softwares like Kaspersky, Quick Heal, or Norton which have the feature of parental control which block sites that seem spammy.

Follow these suggestions so that your child stays safe on the internet.

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