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How to stay focused

Working in a fast-driven, high pressure environment is tough. This is why most of us end up feeling fatigued, tired and face lack of focus and concentration. But there is no need to worry. Zee Marathi Jagruti is always here to guide you. Try some of these tried and tested methods and you’ll find yourself focused and poised and workdays will go by like a breeze.
1) Prioritize
There’s a fine line between urgent and important. An important task assigned to you may have a longer deadline and you need not finish it right away. So you can put it off till you have finished urgent tasks at hand which simply cannot wait.
2) Organize
Always create a task list for yourself on paper, sticky notes or wherever you feel comfortable. This should be done as soon as you’ve stepped into your workplace. Now sort the urgent and important tasks and give yourself deadlines to finish each of them. You’ll find yourself breathing easy with an organized list.
3) Hydrate yourself
Believe it or not, water does work wonders. Lack of water makes us feel dehydrated, cause lack of concentration. It also causes other problems like headaches and heartburn which again affect your work. Keep a bottle of water handy and set alarms to drink water for the initial few days and once you get used to it, you won’t skip it.
4) Munchies
Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not leading you to an unhealthy lifestyle. Fruits can be munchies too if you’re trying to look for healthier options. You can also snack on oats or ragi cookies, healthy khakhras, soya sticks, etc which are easily available in the market. Keep some snacks handy to drive the hunger pangs away.
5) Listen to music
The most soothing thing to do to get your focus back is listening to your favourite music. You can listen to soothing tunes if you simply want to shut out the office noise or loud songs to awaken you after a heavy lunch. Music refreshes your minds and gives you a break from the mundane routine. Do keep your headphones handy.
6) Disconnect
Taking a break and disconnecting is very important especially when you work in front of a screen all day. Prolonged exposure to a screen can weaken your eyesight. A 10-15 minutes break can actually help your face and eyes muscles relax which in turns leads to increased productivity and protect your eyesight too.
We hope that you’ll find these tips useful and that you’ll use them on an everyday basis. If you would like to contribute some more tips that can help retain focus then do comment below. We’ll be waiting for your response.

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