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Planning a baby? Plan for insurance first!

Although not many insurance companies provide policies for pregnant women, a few of them do and they cover the essential charges. This makes pregnancy a stress free time especially for a single mother. Read on to know more.

An insurance company providing maternity insurance must cover all expenditures incurred during pregnancy from delivery to post-natal care. The following are the inclusions and exclusions of such policies.


Quite a few insurance firms provide maternity advantages and insurance for working women. Inclusions for such policies are:-

1) Hospitalization costs which are pregnancy related

2) Before and after hospitalization costs. This is for a pre-decided number of days.

3) Pregnancy related complications

4) Surgeries

5) Expenditures before and after the baby is born


There are numerous insurance policies which do not cover expenses for medical checkups after pregnancy or medications to be consumed during pregnancy. Here are a few more exclusions in the policies:-

1) When a policy is purchased it does not cover the medical costs incurred for pregnancy up to months.

2) The policy also does not cover termination of pregnancy for the initial few weeks.

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