How to care for your mobile phone

Gadgets are fun, easy to handle and we’re truly becoming a digital country. Mobile phones act as our multi-talented friend who wakes us up, entertains us, fills us with knowledge and of course keeps us connected.

So how do we take good care of our friend? It’s not that difficult. Just follow the steps below:

  • Buy a screen guard and case cover

Your phone looks swanky when it’s new but it’s also fragile and can get scratches or damaged easily. Care for it with getting a temper glass or screen guard and put it in a case. There are so many choices you’ll love the cases available!

  • Keep it away from water

If your phone is not water proof keep it away. Avoid taking your phones in the bathroom or the kitchen as it might get spoil easily. During monsoons, keep your phone well covered in your bag.

  • Charge it from time to time

Charging your phone regularly helps its battery life. Keep the battery percentage between 40-80%. Do not overcharge your phone and take it off the battery once it’s charged. Overcharging might damage your battery and reduce its performance.

  • Turn it off

Yes, we know it’s very difficult but we’re sure that you can switch off your phone for at least an hour or two in a day. Just like every other gadget our mobile phones too need to shut down their system and cool off. Doing this actually helps its performance.

Now you’re all set to take care of your mobile phone. Try these simple techniques and you’ll find your phone’s life and performance at a high.

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